Rapid Simulation Objects

Behind the user interface for a SimVentive scenario lies the simulation world, which is made up of entities that represent all of the things being simulated. Entities can represent physical or animate objects such as people, vehicles, or systems, or abstract objects such as facts, decisions, brands, ideas or laws. The SimVentive Scenario Editor makes it easy to create and edit the different types of entities that a designer wants to exist in his scenarios.

SimVentive Entity EditorEach type of entity in a SimVentive scenario has a set of user-defined attributes that describe qualities of that entity such as its size, speed, friendliness, or cost. Designers can modify the value of an entity’s attribute simply by typing the new value in the appropriate field. Entity types can be organized hierarchically, so specific types inherit attributes of more abstract types.

The entities that designers define in the Scenario Editor are tightly integrated with the scenario’s user interface so that changes to an entity will be reflected in the user interface. For example, if the designer adds a map widget to the game’s user interface, the map can automatically display the location of the entities in the scenario, moving their icons as the entities’ locations change.