SimVentive is a complete software toolset for developing complex simulations and serious games without programming. It includes a Scenario Player, Scenario Editor, and Scenario Debugger.

Key features of the Scenario Player include:

  • Runs on Windows 2000/XP, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems
  • Can be deployed as a stand-alone desktop application or from a web page via Java Web Start.
  • Support for both turn-based and continuous real-time games.
  • Support for single-player and multi-player networked games (including both multiple teams and multiple roles per team).
  • Can include intelligent tutoring system (ITS) monitoring, feedback, and after-action review capabilities via SimBionic rules.
  • Support for AI-controlled players powered by SimBionic.
  • Fog of war, where the player can receive distorted or incomplete information about the world, as defined by the scenario author.
  • Support for effects-based operations (EBO) via dependencies between entities.
  • Underlying discrete event simulation engine allows scheduling of future simulation events.
  • Extensible via SimBionic’s Java interface, which allows you to integrate with existing third-party Java applications and components.

Key features of the SimVentive Scenario Editor include:

  • Runs on Windows 2000/XP, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems
  • Visual simulation rule authoring using SimBionic.
  • Graphical user interface builder for constructing the user interface for your game.
  • A rich set of configurable user interface widgets, including interactive maps and tables, HTML pages (with interactive forms), image maps, dialog boxes, SVG images, 3D model viewer, text-to-speech, video and audio playback, as well as standard UI components such as buttons and text boxes.
  • Extensible to support new third-party user interface widgets.
  • Error checking at scenario compile time.
  • Ability to run your scenario from the Scenario Editor with one click.
  • Library Browser feature enables organization and reuse of content across scenarios.
  • Assistant wizards to guide you step by step through complex tasks.
  • A library of example scenarios and tutorials demonstrating how to use the various features of SimVentive.

Key features of the Scenario Debugger include:

  • Entity Browser shows the state of the simulation world, including all entities and their attributes, in real time as the scenario unfolds.
  • Event Viewer displays all events as they are generated by the scenario.
  • Extensive logging to track down any subtle problems with your scenario.